Zsolt Grózinger – Drift

Zsolt Grózinger – Drift

Zsolt Grózinger Hungarian drifter has been deeply interested in motors since he was 13. Zsolt was active in this sport / discipline until 2006, when he first sat in a real wheel drive car, namely a Lada and immediately realized this was where he found his true passion. This opened a new chapter in his life: drifting. During the years of 2007 and 2008 he was practising in a stock Lada and an E30 BMW 325i. In 2008 he was racing with a bit better prepared E30 3000 cm3 V8 BMW at the Szalka Sprint, where he eventually finished in 2nd  place in Drift discipline.

This car however was a fully amateur car, and by 2009 he further developed the existing car, which received an engine upgrade of a 4 litre V8. With the fully drift tuned car he hit the Hungarian Drift Chapmionship’s 2nd League. Unfortunately due to a technical difficulty he was unable to start the first race, however great results followed and managed to get a podium finish in three stages. Again luck was not kind to him on the closing stage of the Championships and closed the season in 2nd place overall.

By 2010 he was practicing and racing with a new car, a BMW 3.2 M3 which serves as his current ride with upgraded technical specifications. In 2010 he took the PRO exam enabling him to compete in the Professional category with his new car.

As a „freshman” of the Pro Division he would have been satisfied with a 10th place overall in the Championship. This year meant for learning however held surprises and performed above expectations finishing the year with a 4th place overall in the tournament. This year was when he first took a podium – 3rd- place finish at Máriapócs event held by the Hungarian Drift Association on May 9th, 2010. In the season of 2011 he aimed to start from the line with an even more serious and powerful technical specification, however the implementation of the motorblock became too complicated resulting in significant technical issues leaving him only to watch the races from the bench. Towards the end of 2011 the car began to take its final form, but that was not enough to seriously influence the outcome of the Championship. For experience he started in the renown drift serious King of Europe, where in Brassov he qualified for third place out the total of 32 participants. By the last race of the year he proved that the car was fully ready as he took the 2nd place at HELL Energy National Drift Championship Night Pro Race. With this enthusiasm the young racer eagerly waits for the 2012 season.

2009: National Drift Championship 2nd League overall 2nd Place
2010: National Drift Championship Pro Category overall 4th Place

Personal Data
Born in: 15.08.1986
Zodiac sign: Leo
Residing in: Mátészalka, Hungary
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Hobbies: motorports, kickboxing

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