Szilveszter György – Drift

Szilveszter György – Drift

Szilveszter György is in love with driving ever since he was born. He first came in contact with drifting in 2009 as a spectator at the practice of the 2009 National Championship’s training. As soon as he entered the passenger seat, he realized that this sport was all for him. During spring he started his practice session with an E30, 170-BHP BMW. Szilveszter spent all his free time in blistering cold, blizzards and rain at Kakucsring (Hungary), which initially looked like a rally race as opposed to a drift training.

Thanks to his efforts end endurance the development came fast enough and he began his 2010 season with a 280-BHP BMW in „Street” Category. The season took off with a great start and the young driver won the first race in his life. His next win followed soon at a Team Drift event, Szilárd Szabó being his team mate. The 2010 season was closed at 6th place in the National Championship in „Street Category”. The next season kicked off with a car- and category switch: the vehicle chosen was an E46 M3 BMW built by his own plans and ideas. In the Nationals following his acquisition of his Professional License the focus shifted to gathering race experience and as many kilometers as possible. In order to achieve this, he also participated in foreign races as well, including Slovakia, Serbia and Romania. Taking into consideration of the level of competition and racers, the results show great promise.

Since the end of last year’s season, the driver and his car went through tremendous trainings, with the key factor is to rework the weight/BHP ratio. While Szilveszter was busy taking Cross Training lessons, the M3 was given to the hands of Gabura Motorsport and Tomi Workshop.

2010: Drift OB Street Legal 1st Place
2010: Team Drift 1st Place
2010: Season of National Championship 6th place
2011: GTT Drift Series Brasov 1st Place
2011: Season of King Of Europe 15th Place
Personal Data
Born in: 18.02.1987
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Residing at: Érd, Hungary
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 85 kg

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