Hell of a twins

Hell of a twins

Take two young and willing groups and there is a great chance something good turns out. It was no different when HELL Energy Drink started a cooperation with the FUSION 5 team. The purpose was to

create two incredibly cool cars, and to use them in HELL energy drink promotion campaigns.  Anybody who has seen the machines agreed that the cooperation reached its purpose. Two exceptional cars were built at the Fusion workshop, that have absolutely nothing similar to them in the entire country, and can hardly be found in Europe.

The „base materials” for the project were two HUMMER H1, both selected by HELL, and then left to the fantasy of the FUSION team. The project was somewhat a new experience for both companies, since the car hi-fi specialist FUSION team had never done a complete remodeling on cars. They have lived up to the expectations whatsoever, and according to customer feedback managed  to build two very serious cars. It is true though, HUMMER ,as a car brand is not unfamiliar to the guys. If you still remember, two years ago they had a H2 as their demo car, which was admired by many. But this is different now. You do not see such a giant inner space every day. The cars came with four seats, (yep, there is room for only 4) but had plenty of space inside for the woofer. The doors were a different
issue, but the guys figured that out too. The stereo fits perfectly to the custom made panels, at the rear doors however compromises had to be made. Those who are familiar with car tuning, it is no news what it takes to build a completely unique car in the end. What made the cars a total blast? An NV-CM65 component set with 320 watts power was installed into the front doors. The rear doors received one PP-CM65 component set and two PP-FR653 coaxial speakers (2×220 watts). These are powered by 4 pieces of PP-AM8004, four channel amplifier; with 800 watts of output each. Up to that point the
two cars are alike. But the fact that one of them is a convertible could not be ignored at the selection of woofers and the design of the box.

Therefore the H1 classic contains two NV-SW15 subwoofers (2×2500 Watts) and is backed up by 2 ZV-AM16001 mono-blocks (2×1600 Watts). The woofers were placed in a special push-pull box. The convertible’s woofers are 2 pieces of PP-SW15E (2×1200 Watts) supported by an NV-AM16001 mono-block amplifier. The woofers here were also put in a special push-pull box. To make the cars even more louder, 2 outdoor speakers were put on their boots, each 300 watts of power. In order to raise visual attention as well, both cars received totally unique paint. To make the visual effect even more impressive the HUMMER-s were upgraded with the largest possible Hella lights and a number of red and white strobe lights.

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