Prestigeous show downs, professional organization – K1 Gala with HELL

Prestigeous show downs, professional organization  – K1 Gala with HELL

Many very keen on the K1 Gala held in Debrecen’s Phoenix Hall on Saturday night. Venum Victory World Series profi K-1’s event was abundant with proper fights, tight matches and naturally the sexy dancers and ring-girls were not absent. About the fans thirst, HELL made sure everyone stayed refreshed with delicious cocktails

György Mihalik encountered an enormous blow, Zsolt Benedek stayed on foot during the entire match, however came up short of winning. Debrecen’s crowd favorite, Norbert Balogh again proved how big his heart is – he continued to pummel his way and not give up, where many would have already.  The K1 boxer, known also as “Wide Boy” however is not such man and showed his determination by fighting till the very end, earning the event’s superstar, the White Russian Alexei Ignasov’s respect – unfortunately all these proved to be insufficient to win.

The largest fight however was undertaken by Gabor Görbics at the Venum Victory World Series Professional K-1 Gala at Debrecen’s Phoenix Hall. The stakes were no other than to win the Professional World Champion Title. He held on to his promise he asked and had no mercy, crowning the event full of prestigious fights. Until Gabor’s hands were not held high in the air by the referee, it was undecided whether him or his French opponent, Mehdi Zatou was better. Further elevating the joy of the Hungarian fans, all three pointing referees thought Gabor was better, the 27-year old fighter becoming the first Hungarian winner of the night.

The star of the K1 Gala Event, Alexei Ignasov heavy weight kick box World Champion took a visit to Hell’s Avalon Park at Miskolctapolca and gave everything a try which he could get his hands on. The boxer also known as Red Scorpion took on Tivadar Kunkli on HELL’s Kart Ring – who isn’t really his weight, but that had no significance in the Kart Race. After having some beers in the Beer Garten, Alexei had to try the Segways as well

You can view the clip of Ignasov’s day at the park under the following link:

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