Bessenyey achieves category win at ERT (European Rally Trophy)

Bessenyey achieves category win at ERT (European Rally Trophy)

Again, HELL Racing Team proved to be first in class at the Croatian Porec Rally. Although the Hungarian duo lost control at the warm up session, they managed to finish in first category position, and 6th position total, thanks to a newly built car in record time.

Zoltán Bessenyey and György Papp’s warm up did not happen to be an ordinary one at the next stage of European Rally Trophy (ERT), at Porec Rally. The Hungarian duo has managed to take off too fast at a jump at the first warm up lap as a result of which they ended up among the trees, the Renault Clio R3T coming to a full stop between two trees. This was Bessenyey’s first mistake this year, and the team had 2 hours, to rebuild the car’s front, but thanks to the intercooler not being damaged, this has been achieved.

Following these series of unfortunate events, the team had to try the fixed car, effectively in the race, but after the first fast stage, it became evident, that all is in order. Zoli tried to push it to the limit, but with adequate care. He thoroughly enjoyed the night stages, which was visible on the results and has managed to secure the 4th position in the 2WD class.

Next day was a bit difficult for the 2WD car in the pouring rain to keep up with all the AWD cars but the team needed to secure precious points in the Championship. HELL’s team took 6th place in total but won the 2WD car series.

Zoli is very happy about the results, not only because they are good overall, but happy that the team was able to compete and finish the race after all that happened. The team once again proved to be indestructible, for which they deserve a huge thanks! Zoltan is also happy about the fact that Hell Racing Team’s duo has achieved a category win in the CEE CEZ Championship, therefore leading that respective category as well.

Regardless, the Team is also very happy as the endseason was remarkable. The Hungarian duo will not be entering any additional races this year, and the next’s planning is already taking place. We can however let you know, that the Clio R3T will remain as the racecar, but which Championship and which races they will enter is still subject to negotiations.

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