At the 2015 AUTO MOTOR SHOW, HELL was the lead in Bucharest

At the 2015 AUTO MOTOR SHOW, HELL was the lead in Bucharest

Romania’s largest auto show, the AUTO MOTOR SHOW’s main sponsor in 2015  was HELL. Goosebumps were given to the petrol and horsepower enthusiasts by the drifting HELL Camaro on the Constitution Square in Bucharest. HELL Racing Team’s pilot, the reigning Hungarian Drift Champion Szilveszter György has proven over the two days, how well he is baffling the tidy Camaro SS, leaving only thick clouds of smoke behind.

The event drawing enormous crowds every year, has attracted over 18,000 visitors in 2015. The organizers left the spectators overwhelmed by auto-motor attractions and intense races between Romanian and Bulgarian pilots. Szilveszter György the exceptional member of the HELL Racing Team was also invited to the event held in front of the Palace of Parliament who has recently attained the Hill Champion title from the most prestigious European drift series, King of Europe in addition to his Hungarian Drift Champion title. The racecar boasting over 640 BHP has been specifically built for HELL and its recently updated, merciless visuals and thundering exhaust sounds drew constant attention – the handsome young driver and its ride quickly became the star of the show. „The Camaro and I had a Hell of a time with the Romanian crowd” – cheered HELL Racing Team’s Drift Champion

Whoever attended the two day show could see HELL is a real favorite of the crowd! The  two HELL Dodges constantly radiating smooth beats to the joy of music lovers, were also quite keen on during the motor rally. On HELL’s stand and booth, pretty hostess girls and Szilveszter were responsible for the good mood and they were happy to take photos with everyone. All the visitors were able to try HELL’s tasty beverages and could see for themselves, why it’s the new favorite in Romania as well. The tasting was not only refreshing in the summer heat, but has further cranked the already ecstatic crowd, the weekend was no short of adrenalin!

Unique HELL tents, an abundance of rollups and flags, HELL branded finish lines and cool HELL branded cars ruled the monumental space. Over this weekend, truly everything was about HELL in Romania!

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