HELL Energy’s plant among the elite of European factories

HELL Energy’s plant among the elite of European factories

HELL Energy represented the energy drink sector at the Strategic Manufacturing Awards gala in October at Düsseldorf as the first Hungarian company receiving such nomination. HELL’s bottling factory (located in Szikszó) made it into the top 3 according to the decision of the professionally renowned jury in the category of Global and World Class Manufacturing. The category’s winner this year was Cognizant Technolgy Solutions with 145,000 employees and a revenue of 4,5 billion EUR – HELL’s factory director was among the first ones to congratulate.

The Strategic Manufacturing Awards, where this was the first time any Hungarian manufacturer was nominated is annually awarded to Europe’s leading factories, seeking the most state-of-the-art, most efficient factories. The Strategic Manufacturing Award has been previously granted to Alstom, Heineken, L’Oreal, Unilever, Toyota Motor Europe or Sara Lee.

„The pure fact of the nomination is a great honor and a unique success story for Hell Energy, as no other Hungarian company has ever achieved such status until 2012. We are a successful, young firm that started to manufacture HELL Energy Drinks, which is now available in almost 30 countries and has leading and strong position in more and more of these markets. We have managed to enter such „Upper Class” club of multinational companies, including the world-renown L’Oreál or Heineken. Although this time we did not win the award I do believe that even the nomination at such event is a significant milestone in the company’s life as now we do not only belong to the best in the energy drink manufacturing businesses but have a solid position among the best European manufacturers. I trust that our success story will set a precedent for other Hungarian companies to think and dream big and look at a global, broader picture.” – said Hell’s Factory Director Elemér Tarsoly.

Looking at the statistics and 6 year past of the „Oscars” of factories it is indeed a historical success what HELL has achieved as the previous nominees and winners are mostly global companies with tens of thousands of employees and global presence. Only 10% of the previous nominees have an employee base below 5000 workers.

Check out the nominated world-class factory here:

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